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My guitars: Tokai LS-70BB, Yamaha FG700S and Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '70s.

NEW! I designed and made 5W RED BARON and 3W FoxTrot homebrew all-tube guitar amps. They are great sounding and easy to made pure vacuum tube machines. TRY IT!


Do you know how to setup your insrument? Don't know? Go to Willis Page!

If you would like to record the guitar at home, I recommend a DIY project Speaker Simulator. The simulator is irreplaceable as headphone amp or at home studio during night recording. The simulator is applied in Marshall JMP-1 and JCM2000 DSL401. Samples of Marshall Valvestate solid state amp recorded with the simulator are here.

Let me guess: your amp is too loud amp wanna quiet the beast? Make a volume reductor. The reductor will decrease the volume to acceptable, bedroom level.

If you dream about the true tube amp sound going out from a solid state amp at any sound level - try to make a tube "accelerator". The accelerator is made from 1 tube and should be connected into the effect loop in your SS amp.


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