Tubes RuleZ!

5W tube guitar amp.

I'd like to describe my homebrew "practice amp" - perfect amp for home or studio recording. The amp connected to a 4x12 speaker cab makes enough noise to play in small pubs with a band.
The amp is was made from 3 x 12AX7 tubes in preamp and one EL84 as A class power amp. The amp's features are: 2 independent, footswitchable channels: "green" (Fender Bassman/Blackface/Twin) and "red" (Marshall JCM800 2203, hod-rodded), each channel with separate Gain, Volume, Bass, Mid i Treble regulation, serial FX loop, pentode/triode power tube switch, build-in volume reductor (it decreases power on a speaker to about 1,5W - enough to "liven up" the speaker) and Line Out / headphones output.


The amp's schematic is here.
All resistors 0,5W, capacitors 400V (unless not different on the scheme). Most important parts are from a tube radio '67, chassis was made of old computer casing :) No PCB was used, direct wiring RuleZ! ;) Here is a photo of the Baron's "bowels"
. Boxes are made of 15mm plywood and covered with red leather. See a photo of the Red Baron:

(click on the photo to zoom it)

Thanks to Tom's page: - there are original schematics and descriptions (in Polish but I strongly recomend this page - tons of schematics!!!). Power amp is taken from AX84, the design AX84 P1.

Here are samples of my "baby" - channel green and red recorded without any effects. This same samples with some effects made with SB Live sound card: channel green and red.